The purpose of this blog is to bring hope and encouragement to people through helping them see that God is – He really exists; that He loves them extremely; He is extremely worthy of their trust; they can learn to trust Him extremely; and the best way to find, express, and grow in their faith is through being thankful to Him in and through and for every situation (all things).

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    Rick Carr is a survivor. Although he never used tobacco, he had throat cancer in 2009. It was caught early and was treatable. He’s been cancer free since. In late December 2020, he contracted Covid-19. By January 10, 2021, his O2 levels dropped dangerously low. He was hospitalized and put on a ventilator for 8 days. The doctor’s gave his wife, Trish, no hope that he would survive. She replied, “That’s okay, because my hope is not in you. It’s in the Lord.” She got the word out and before long many friends, acquaintances and total strangers were praying for him. Rick survived the ventilator, an additional 3 weeks in ICU, and 3 months in rehab before going home. He’s been called a walking miracle by friends and medical personnel.

    He’s a normal person and a mostly unknown Christian. He does not write from the perspective of a professional Christian, or mega-church CEO. He has learned from life, through successes and failures, good times and bad times, good health and life-threatening illness. Facing these things with faith in a loving Father, Bible study and prayer, he has learned to embrace all things, the good and the bad, and give thanks, knowing God will accomplish His good purpose.

    In case you’d like to know:

    Raised in a Christian family, Rick believed the things he was taught and sought to live for the Lord from a young age. Believing the best way to do this was in the ministry, he pursued studies at Louisiana College and Southwestern Seminary. God’s plan was a little different, apparently wanting to show that His Word applies to normal, everyday people, and not just those “in the ministry.” The God Who lives in and teaches “the most eminent apostles” also lives in and teaches the “nobody.”

    Rick’s career path is varied. While in school, he served in a variety of church and ministry positions. Since then he’s worked a variety of jobs from drug rehab counselor to Christian retail, from church janitor to sales for a major Christian record company to owning his own business to working for a big box retailer. His role in church life through the years has been varied as well, serving as deacon, Sunday School teacher, and home church leader.

    He is a certified professional photographer, having owned his own studio for 17 years and served as president of 2 professional photography organizations. He is currently on the board of directors for 21st Century Santa, a Christian-owned non-profit charity that provides disaster relief and serves the needs of special needs children and their families.

    Rick and his wife, Trish, have four children, eleven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. “We enjoy every moment we can spend with any of them, even though we are quite accustomed to our ’empty nest.’ We currently live in Oklahoma with our cat, Flower, and two horses, Rocky & Domino. I love to play my guitar and sing, especially the songs of my dear friend, Dennis Jernigan. I enjoy wood-carving, ancestry research, photography, reading, gardening, and working in the yard. I love to fish when I get the chance.”

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