Permissions & Consent

The content on this website, with the exception of guests posts, is owned by me and copyrighted in my name. I do want to get the word out, but I must at the same time protect my intellectual property rights. So there must be a balance between copying and sharing.

Without Getting My Consent

You may do the following without seeking my written consent:

1. Post a link to my website or any post on my site.

2. Copy and quote directly from my site a maximum of 200 words, on another site, provided you link directly back to my site.

3. If you would like to print and share a post within your company or organization, you may do so, up to 50 copies, provided they are offered for free, and not distributed outside your company or organization.

4. You may print one of my posts in a non-commercial publication such as a church bulletin or newsletter, class syllabus, etc., provided you include copyright notice: “©2021 Richard E Carr. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Originally published at”

With My Consent

You may not do the following without getting my express written consent:

1. Use this content for sale, or in any publication, print or electronic, that is for sale, or for any other commercial purposes.

2. Alter, transform, copy and/or build upon this work.

Re-posts and Translations

Google penalizes websites for duplicating content. If it cannot tell which site originated the content, it may penalize the original author. Therefore, I cannot permit my posts to be copied or re-posted in their entirety.

And, lacking the resources to verify the accuracy of the work, I do not give permission to translate my posts into other languages.

Guest Posts

Copyright and ownership of guest posts is retained by their authors. I cannot serve as agent and any permissions to copy in any way must be requested directly from the author of the post.

For any other uses of my material, contact me here.