Healing and Prayer

If this long, miserable process has resulted in others being helped, encouraged, strengthened in their faith, and praying like they haven’t before, then it has been worth it.

The Cleft

Dying experiences. Suffering experiences. Hard experiences. Loss. If we approach these in the victory of the Cross, we will see them through to the victory of the Resurrection. Life always comes out of death.

Wake Up Call

God was not caught off guard by this young man’s suicide. He was not surprised by it. Could I have made a difference? Maybe. I’ll never know for certain. I do know that God allowed him in my life for a season of mutual encouragement…. I can be thankful for this experience. Joyously giving thanks? Absoultely not! Not right now. Not yet. Maybe a little further down the road, when I see more of how God uses it. For now, it just hurts too much.

Overflowing Thankfulness

Our perspective on giving thanks should be based on the infinite, not the finite. Why settle for “an attitude of gratitude” when we can overflow with thanksgiving?!?

The Covid-19 Shake-up

It’s a shaking “of Biblical proportions.” That’s the effect Covid-19 is having on our society and the world economy. More significantly, it is the effect it is having on the economy of many, many individuals. And, it is the effect it is having on the life-style of pretty much every…


This house used to belong to my great-grandfather, Papa Sibley. It’s on property that belonged to my great-great-great grandfather. My mother and her family lived there a few years when she was a little girl. There is a family cemetery you can see to the south of the house. There…

Thankful for This, Too

So, here we all are – stuck at home. It’s a radical change in lifestyle. Some are without work, some are working from home, some are able to still go to work but can’t help but wonder if they are more at risk, some are in the medical field (the…