Dennis Jernigan

While reading Extreme Gratitude, I was deeply touched by the phrase author Rick Carr wrote in defining gratitude as ‘the language of the Kingdom.’ As I read further, I was constantly reminded that everything we see and everything we are is for and about the Kingdom of God. How does one find the Kingdom of God or the grace to be grateful when faced with a diagnosis of cancer…or the loss of a loved one…or when faced with any myriad of life-crushing circumstances? We have but to remember the language of the Kingdom and walk in extreme gratitude.

We will all walk through moments of extreme heartache in this life, but the overlying truth found in this book puts it all in perspective.
Extreme circumstances call for extreme hope.
Extreme hope is found in our relationship with the Extreme God Who is Lord of All.
Extreme moments of fear require faith in our God’s extreme love for us,
and knowing the language of the Kingdom of God launches us into the deeper places of an intimate relationship with our Extreme God.

Do you desire deeper intimacy with our God? Do you desire to know how to find hope when faced with the loss of absolutely everything you hold dear? Practice extreme gratitude.

I highly recommend Extreme Gratitude to any who dare desire an ever-deepening intimacy with the God Who loves us extremely.

Dennis Jernigan – Husband, Father of Nine, Grandfather of Eleven, Song Receiver, Author, Worshiper
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