I know how difficult it is to find the right speaker. I have been in that position. As president of two different professional photography organizations. A good speaker with a strong, well-presented message can make or break an event.

When you’re looking for someone for a spiritual message, it’s even more challenging. You want to know it is someone you can trust with the hearts of the people God has entrusted to you. You want to know where they stand and what they believe. Since you’re on this page, chances are you’ve seen enough on my blog to have an idea that my message will benefit your audience or congregation. I hope this page will provide you what you need to help you make the right decision.

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Thank you for considering me. I am honored.

The links below will take you down the page to provide information on what you can expect.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. I will promptly and professionally reply to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. We’ll consult by phone, or if practical, in person, prior to your event, so I can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  3. Assuming your event is open to the public and you want the added visibility, I’ll announce your event on my blog and social media channels.
  4. I’ll deliver a professionally prepared, dynamical presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.
  5. After the event, we’ll share a quick follow-up communication, to make sure I met your expectations. (I’d also appreciate feedback on how you think I can improve.)

Some background on me:

I started speaking in public with devotionals at church as a youth and as chaplain for my junior high school and high school in Shreveport, LA. My first sermon in church was at 17, when the church licensed me for the ministry before I left for college. At Louisiana College, a Southern Baptist college in central Louisiana, I majored in religion and minored in Greek and sociology. Over the years I served as music and youth director for a couple of churches while in college, then as interim pastor and pulpit supply for several others. In addition, I was chaplains’ assistant for a state mental hospital with nearly 3000 resident patients, where I was responsible for counseling patients and leading worship services. During my seminary years in Ft. Worth, I counseled drug addicts at a narcotics treatment center before taking a job in a Christian bookstore. I wound up staying in that industry for nearly 20 years, teaching Sunday School and Church Training classes, serving as a deacon at one church and as an elder at another where I shared preaching and leadership responsibilities with several other elders. Since moving to Oklahoma in 1993, I have served in leadership positions in other churches, taught classes, occasionally preached in various settings, and for the past several years led a home church fellowship.

During those years, around 1990, I wrote a book with the title: Extreme Thankfulness: Learning to Respond to Extreme Grace. I have had several occasions to teach or preach some or all of the material. It effectively is my “life message.” It is the culmination of years of Bible study, prayer, and following the Lord’s guidance and sometimes missing His direction, and the lessons learned along the way. I have found God to be incredibly faithful and trustworthy, and have learned express my faith by giving thanks to Him. It is a message of joy and victory; peace and power; even through the worst life has to throw at us. In 2009, I had a bout with throat cancer. (Disclaimer – I never smoked or used tobacco or drank. There was no family history of cancer. The doctors could find no reason for it. It was just “one of those things.”) When I heard the diagnosis, one of the first things I thought was: “It’s time to put up or shut up.” Either the truths I had written and taught would see me through, or they wouldn’t. As a four year survivor, I’m here to tell you, it’s true. I never had my book published. Being confronted with throat cancer and not only living through it but keeping my voice, made me realize: I need to share this message.

My topics

I can customize my presentation to fit the needs of your church or organization. We can give them the whole thing with a weekend, or weeknight, seminar. Or, I can pare it down to a one day workshop/retreat. Or, if you just want me to speak on Sunday morning and/or evening, I can share on a specific area. My book is actually in two parts. I do not try to both parts in one event. (I’m considering dividing it into two separate manuscripts and offering part two as an e-book.)

Part I topics include:

  1. Knowing Him: Faith that He Is
  2. The Atoning Work of Christ: The Faith that Gets You In
  3. Corn Kernel Christianity: The Faith by Which You Go On
  4. Sabbath Rest: Faith Over Struggles
  5. Dead Faith or Dead Works – Faith that Produces Obedience
  6. Little Faith vs. Mustard Seed Faith – the Faith that Grows
  7. The Sovereignty of God – Faith in His Purpose
  8. The Why, How, and Power of Giving Thanks – Faith Expressed

Part II topics are Christian life topics, taught on the foundation of faith:

  1. Prayer – Using several passages of Scripture to learn how to pray
  2. Hearing God’s Thoughts – Understanding the Word of God
  3. Evangelism and Discipleship
  4. Spiritual Warfare

The Next Step

Again, I appreciate your considering me. I invite you to take the next step and click on the button below to check my availability. Let us know about your needs and event, and we’ll get back with you right away.

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