Whatever you do.

Work. Work you enjoy; work you absolutely love doing; work you hate; work you’re doing because you have to earn a living and this is what’s available. A task that was thrust on you—cleaning up after a storm, home repairs, car repairs. Housework. Yardwork. School work. Going to school. Research papers. Hard physical labor.

Play. A hobby. A fun task you chose—gardening, building something, remodeling your home, tuning up or maybe souping up your car. Studying and learning something new just for the fun of it, because it interests you. Hard physical workout. Sitting quietly, relaxing in your hammock, or in front of the fireplace.

Healthy? Sick? Sleeping. Waking up. Eating. Fasting. Praying. Visiting with friends or family. Being alone. Whatever….

Church in a building. Church at home. Church on-line. Personal devotional time. Whatever….

Whatever. Regardless of what it is. Whatever you are doing. Do it in the name of the Lord Jesus. (If you can’t do it in His name, you might reconsider whether it is something you should be doing).

AND, As you do it, do it with thankfulness. Give thanks to God through Jesus. Do it in His name, and through Him, thank God the Father.

If we would bathe all that we do, whatever we do, with thankfulness, His peace would rule in our hearts. His word will dwell in us richly. We would find unity with our fellow believers. We would encourage one another to keep Him foremost in our minds and hearts. And in all we do, we would honor Him.

This is “Thanksgiving” week in America with the holiday coming up this Thursday. For us as Christians, this holiday is a great opportunity to spend time with family, and to be reminded of the value of being thankful. However, for us as Christians, our thankfulness should find expression all day everyday, not just one day a year. Whatever you do—do all … giving thanks through Jesus to God the Father.