Praying with a Thankful Heart book release

Praying with a Thankful Heart book cover

It’s out. Praying with a Thankful Heart released officially today, October 24. I hesitated after I realized it was on a Sunday, but the date is special to me. My Aunt Jean, who was a major spiritual influence for me was born on this date in 1924. In spite of being blind, she taught me a lot about the God who had created this world, and Who loves me. Sixty years to the day before her birth, Oct. 24, 1864, her great-grandfather had written a letter home to his wife, encouraging her to teach their children about the beauty of God’s creation, about the God who created it all, and about His love for them. His son, Aunt Jean’s grandfather, used to carry her around his farm and tell her the same thing. For a more detailed account of this story, check out the introduction to my first book, Extreme Gratitude. That’s why I was shooting for an October 24 release date.

I am thrilled that it is now available. I began it in December 2020, right before I was hit hard by Covid-19. After 4 months hospital and rehab, I was able to get back to the project with a fresh perspective on thankfulness, God’s presence, and the power of prayer. I reference that journey in the book, though it truly is a book about prayer. I pray you will be challenged by it, and that it will give you additional resources for prayer.

“You will read it as I have and be glad this is not a theoretical teaching on prayer, but the experience of a man already aware of God’s greatness. You will be glad to have his story told to you and have this book in your library.” – Jim Hylton, Staff Pastor, Northwood Church, Keller, TX (Former pastor of MetroChurch in Oklahoma City).

Praying with a Thankful Heart is a book on prayer, but much more than that, it is a real-life, scripture-based devotional on living in the real world and the kingdom of God at the same time. Rick has given us a genuine testimony of what it means to trust in the One who is absolutely trustworthy.” – Dr. David White, Senior Pastor, The Gathering Church, Moravian Falls, NC.

You can order it today in print, or in Kindle e-book format, from Amazon. If you prefer to shop local, ask you local bookstore to order it for you. Tell them they can get it through Anchor Distributors.

If you live in the OKCity/Central Oklahoma area and would like to purchase directly from me, contact me. There are links on my “about” page for e-mail and various social media.