EXTREME GRATITUDE: Learning to Give Thanks FOR All Things



“It felt like a personal letter from the heart of the Father to me the reader” (Jay Moeller, Senior Pastor, Legacy Church, New Braunfels, TX).

Do you trust God? Can you trust God? Can you trust anyone you don’t know? And isn’t trust in someone strengthened by how well you know that person? This book encourages the reader, on a foundation of Scripture and illustrated by life experience, to know and experience the faithfulness and love of God, so that you can trust Him through anything life throws at you, and come through good or bad experiences with a thankful heart.


Gratitude. An attitude of gratitude. Saying, “thank you.” Being thankful. Finding something to be thankful for. Finding something in every situation to be thankful for. Being thankful for all things. It’s a process and a journey. This book will help you discover the journey and show why it’s important to proceed down the path.

“This book will give reasons for giving thanks, examples of giving thanks, and results for giving thanks” (Jim Hylton, Staff Pastor, Northwood Church, Keller, TX).

Thankfulness is the language of the Kingdom of God. “How does one find the Kingdom of God or the grace to be grateful when faced with a diagnosis of cancer [or Covid-19, or Parkinson’s] or the loss of a loved one, or when faced with any myriad of life-crushing circumstances? We have but to remember the language of the Kingdom and walk in extreme gratitude. We will all walk through moments of extreme heartache in this life, but the overlying truth found in this book puts it all in perspective. Extreme circumstances call for extreme hope. Extreme hope is found in our relationship with the Extreme God, Who is Lord of All. Extreme moments of fear require faith in our God’s extreme love for us. Knowing the language of the Kingdom of God launches us into the deeper places of an intimate relationship with our Extreme God” (Dennis Jernigan, Song Receiver, Author, Worship Leader).

Extreme Gratitude is a book written for an hour such as this! This book left me feeling even more confident in the greatness and goodness of the One who is working all things at this moment in time according to the council of His will. Rick has done an amazing job including his personal testimony and journey with the Lord in bringing to life the scriptures that give us reason to be extremely grateful in all things” (David White, Senior Pastor, The Gathering Church, Moravian Falls, NC).

Also available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions: Extreme Gratitude