I am thrilled, ecstatic, and maybe a little happy to say – my “book” is finally a book. Praise the Lord!

It has been a thirty year project in some ways. When I originally wrote it, I didn’t touch it as far as editing for 10 or more years. I shared the concepts and taught or preached them whenever I could, but I didn’t want to change the original manuscript. Eventually I realized since I was still learning and growing and living life, the book could be updated as well and actually have more timely illustrations, and hopefully be more accurate—definitely more true to what the Lord was teaching me. All this went through more intense scrutiny as the opportunity to publish finally became a reality.

This week, the process was completed. Extreme Gratitude is now available on Amazon. It is also being sent to a distributor to hopefully get it into bookstores. If you shop at real, brick and mortar bookstores, please request it. I like bookstores, personally, and find it sad so many have shut their doors. So I encourage you to support them, even though it might slow your getting my book a little. If you are into Kindle, it will be available on August 3, 2020, and you can pre-order now. Amazon doesn’t offer a pre-order option on print books anymore, so we couldn’t do a “teaser” campaign and encourage pre-orders. So, if you order the print book through Amazon, you’ll have it in a few days. My Amazon author page is also active at https://www.amazon.com/author/rickcarr.

Thank you, thank you, thank you—to Tim Taylor of Burkhart Publishing for giving me this opportunity. To my brother Pat, for help in editing both the language and grammar, and clear communication of ideas. And to the guys who reviewed the book for me prior to release. Their reviews went in the book and can be accessed and read here.

Father God, thank You above all. I have no clue where this is going next, You haven’t shown the path more than a step ahead—and that’s okay with me. I just ask that You get it in the hands of those who’ll be blessed by it, or can bless others with it, and that You will be honored and glorified.