From Anxiety to Peace

Now there’s a journey for you—one we all need to make from time to time—from anxiety to peace. How to get there can be a huge challenge.

There have always been causes for stress and anxiety. Some are unique to us as individuals. Some are global. Most fall in between. Each of us must assess how we are affected, and how we will respond.

Here’s the map laid out in Philippians 4:4-7. Let the Lord speak to your heart: You don’t need to be anxious over anything. Rather, when things don’t look, feel, or seem to be going right, remember I am near. I promise to never leave you or forsake you. Let that fact begin to calm you. Begin to make a habit of rejoicing in Me consistently. This will quiet your troubled spirit in a way that even others can see. So, be anxious for nothing. When troubles arise, tell me about them. I already know, but it will help you to speak them aloud to me, and ask for my help. The key is to pray and ask, with thanksgiving. Be thankful that I am near. Be thankful that I won’t leave you, that I Am the Lord Who is Here. Be thankful that I abide in you and you in Me. Be thankful that I have invited you to talk with Me and share your concerns. Realize that this invitation is in itself a promise that I will listen, and hear you, and comfort you, and meet your need, and let that stir you to be thankful. Being thankful is simply a logical response to faith in my promises. With that approach, you will find the peace that you have sought. You will be amazed by it, for the peace you think you want is but a shadow of the immense peace I have to offer.