The Unshaken Kingdom

When you received Jesus into your life, you enter His kingdom. It is not an earthly kingdom. However, it is a here and now kingdom. It isn’t just heaven after you die. It is abiding in the presence of the living God both in this life and the life to come.

If we allow the earth-shattering events of life to shake us—cause us to focus on the crisis, quake in fear, and fall apart—we will not be able to offer Him our full and faithful service; we won’t be able to serve others who are also in need. And many do not have the stability of the Kingdom to see them through. They really need us. One aspect of His kingdom is that it cannot be shaken. Covid-19 can’t shake it. Racial prejudice can’t shake it. Riots can’t shake it. Death of a loved one can’t shake it. Murder hornets, ice storms, nothing(!) can shake it. His kingdom is our stability in the midst of all the storms, tremors, and earthquakes of life.

This is why we can give thanks in all things. It is why we can ultimately give thanks for all things.

Since we have a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude.

Yes, Virginia, there is a King. And His kingdom does not get shaken.