Why This? Why Now?

Why this? Why now? In short because whatever this is that is happening in your life now, it is a thing that is included in all the things that happen in your life. And all the things in your life are included in the things that God can and will use for your benefit, and for His glory.

God is lavish with His grace. (See Ephesians 1:7-8.) This year, 2020, will probably not carry the reputation of being a year of grace. Yet, that is exactly what it is, as much as, if not truly more than, any other year.

This has been a year of turmoil. It has been a year of shaking and uncertainty and challenges. God has been and is continuing to see us through. He is reaching out to each of us in the midst of our own personal experiences of all this year has brought and is offering His lavish love and grace. We will see this more clearly if we will respond with thankful hearts and with prayer. We can bring our own needs to Him. What I really need to realize, and challenge you to see as well, is that this isn’t just “collective misery.” You have needs, just like I do. If I love me enough to pray about my own concerns, I need to love you enough to pray about yours.

There are two key factors at play here:

  1. The more we realize that all things are truly working together for our good—molding us in His image; and the more we realize that He can use anything and everything to bring glory and honor to Himself, then the more we will be giving thanks to Him.
  2. As the number of people who pray over the needs of those around them increases, then the number of people giving thanks when those needs are met increases as well.

All things are for our sake so that as His grace spreads to more and more people, that grace will result in more and more people giving thanks to the glory of God.