He has shown us in ways we never could experienced otherwise that He is enough.

Overflowing Thankfulness

Our perspective on giving thanks should be based on the infinite, not the finite. Why settle for “an attitude of gratitude” when we can overflow with thanksgiving?!?

What the World Needs Now

I looked up a song from the 60’s that came to mind this morning. “What the World Needs Now,” lyrics by Hal David, sung by Jackie DeShannon. It is a pretty song. It came out in 1965. America’s involvement in Viet Nam was ramping up. The Civil Rights Movement was…

Pettiness, Powers and Pentecost

I have two things burning in my heart tonight. The two things are unity, and Pentecost. Our world is in turmoil because of the global Covid-19 pandemic. People around the world are concerned about how they will survive the disease, and about how they will survive financially. For some health…

God’s Shelter at Home Option

So, does this shelter at home stuff apply to God? I wonder how He feels about it? In Ephesians 3 Paul prays that God would grant Christ to be at home in our hearts through faith. Now, Christ already lives in your heart if you are a believer. What Paul…