Extreme Deity


It is hard for me to grasp that President Biden has only been in office for less than one full year. That’s not because of anything he’s done or hasn’t done. It’s because this year already seems like it’s been about 3 years long. Everything from the first of the year seems so long ago!

Between everything that’s been going on in the world as a whole, and all that we have personally experienced, it’s just been a lot.

If you’ve followed this blog, or our posts on social media, you know the journey Trish and I have experienced this year. I still find myself just simply in awe sometimes at just simply being alive. When put in the context of things we’ve experienced and learned spiritually this year, I am even more in awe.

This morning, Trish commented there are times she wonders if it was necessary for us to go through all we did to learn what we did. Yes. Yes we did. Sure, it would be nice to have learned it some easier way. But these were things we have already “learned.” God wanted to take us much deeper into the truth of His reality, His presence, His love; into the power and joy and victory found in being thankful for all things; and into the power—and “how-to”—of prayer.

He has shown us in ways we never could experienced otherwise that He is enough. There have been times, especially early in the year, when I felt like I had had enough; like I couldn’t handle any more. He reminded me He was there with me. And He is enough. He showed me He can handle anything, and by His grace and presence, He supplies all I need to be able to bear any circumstance, test, trial or temptation life may bring.