Healing and Prayer

If this long, miserable process has resulted in others being helped, encouraged, strengthened in their faith, and praying like they haven’t before, then it has been worth it.

The Cleft

Dying experiences. Suffering experiences. Hard experiences. Loss. If we approach these in the victory of the Cross, we will see them through to the victory of the Resurrection. Life always comes out of death.

Wake Up Call

God was not caught off guard by this young man’s suicide. He was not surprised by it. Could I have made a difference? Maybe. I’ll never know for certain. I do know that God allowed him in my life for a season of mutual encouragement…. I can be thankful for this experience. Joyously giving thanks? Absoultely not! Not right now. Not yet. Maybe a little further down the road, when I see more of how God uses it. For now, it just hurts too much.

Lessons from a Country Store

It was a simple white frame building, similar in construction to the three houses lined up down the dirt street to the east of it. I walked up the steps onto the wooden porch and was immediately charmed as I entered the old, country, general store. Wood planks made up…

Pettiness, Powers and Pentecost

I have two things burning in my heart tonight. The two things are unity, and Pentecost. Our world is in turmoil because of the global Covid-19 pandemic. People around the world are concerned about how they will survive the disease, and about how they will survive financially. For some health…

He Loves You to the Moon and Back

St. George’s House is a spiritual retreat on the grounds of Windsor Castle in England. It was begun by His Royal Highness Prince Philip and Robin Woods, then Dean of Windsor. Trish and I watched an episode of “The Crown,” the Netflix series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II,…

The Covid-19 Shake-up

It’s a shaking “of Biblical proportions.” That’s the effect Covid-19 is having on our society and the world economy. More significantly, it is the effect it is having on the economy of many, many individuals. And, it is the effect it is having on the life-style of pretty much every…