The Cleft

Dying experiences. Suffering experiences. Hard experiences. Loss. If we approach these in the victory of the Cross, we will see them through to the victory of the Resurrection. Life always comes out of death.

Lessons from a Country Store

It was a simple white frame building, similar in construction to the three houses lined up down the dirt street to the east of it. I walked up the steps onto the wooden porch and was immediately charmed as I entered the old, country, general store. Wood planks made up…

Overflowing Thankfulness

Our perspective on giving thanks should be based on the infinite, not the finite. Why settle for “an attitude of gratitude” when we can overflow with thanksgiving?!?

Tolerance and Forgiveness

Most of the issues that come up in relationships are not about sin in general, or even sin “against you.” Most issues are just differences. So how should we respond?

What the World Needs Now

I looked up a song from the 60’s that came to mind this morning. “What the World Needs Now,” lyrics by Hal David, sung by Jackie DeShannon. It is a pretty song. It came out in 1965. America’s involvement in Viet Nam was ramping up. The Civil Rights Movement was…

The Covid-19 Shake-up

It’s a shaking “of Biblical proportions.” That’s the effect Covid-19 is having on our society and the world economy. More significantly, it is the effect it is having on the economy of many, many individuals. And, it is the effect it is having on the life-style of pretty much every…

An Old Man’s Prayer? In the Bible?

Sheltering at home because of Corona Virus – Do you feel alone? Are you afraid? How should we feel? How should we respond? Will we ever see normal again? And will it be a normal we want or like? Psalm 71 (subtitled: “Prayer of an Old Man for Deliverance) is…