Choose Your Words

Thankfulness is the language of the Kingdom. It opens our heart to receive God’s grace for whatever trial, test or temptation we are facing. It expresses our faith, and at the same time opens our heart for the building up of our faith.

I Get It

My heart yearns to see others experience the truths that have so wonderfully changed and empowered Trish and my lives.

Lessons from a Country Store

It was a simple white frame building, similar in construction to the three houses lined up down the dirt street to the east of it. I walked up the steps onto the wooden porch and was immediately charmed as I entered the old, country, general store. Wood planks made up…

Walking Out Our Faith

One of the first things we need to realize is that the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, are ours. Rather, spiritually, we participate or take part in, and receive the benefits, of His dying, burial and conquering death by rising to life again. Dallas Willard in his book, Divine…