Okay, So, He’s God

God is. In other words, God exists. All of creation testifies to it. In Romans 1, Paul says God has made Himself evident to men, some just choose to suppress the truth. In addition, Paul says, through His creation, God shows His eternal power and divine nature, so that everyone has the potential of knowing Him, if they would just open their eyes to it and respond accordingly.

The correct response when you recognize God? Give Him glory. Honor Him. He is God, after all. Creator and sustainer of all things, holy, wise, all-powerful, majestic, worthy of all praise and honor and glory. Yeah, that guy.

There’s another part of the appropriate response that is just as important. That is, be thankful. Thankful for what He’s created. Thankful for Who He is. Thankful that this magnificent, amazing God desires a relationship with you so much that He created this beautiful world with all it’s amazing detail so that you could better understand His power and His nature. Thankful that His nature is love. Thankful that He loves you.

So, how will you respond today? Will you acknowledge God? Will you acknowledge His Godness? Will you acknowledge His goodness? Will you be thankful?