The Cleft

Dying experiences. Suffering experiences. Hard experiences. Loss. If we approach these in the victory of the Cross, we will see them through to the victory of the Resurrection. Life always comes out of death.

Wake Up Call

God was not caught off guard by this young man’s suicide. He was not surprised by it. Could I have made a difference? Maybe. I’ll never know for certain. I do know that God allowed him in my life for a season of mutual encouragement…. I can be thankful for this experience. Joyously giving thanks? Absoultely not! Not right now. Not yet. Maybe a little further down the road, when I see more of how God uses it. For now, it just hurts too much.

For This Hour

Zig Ziglar is often thought of the as the consummate salesman. He definitely understood sales, and he was good at it, whether he was selling cookware, or selling his workshops and books that taught others how to sell. One thing I remember hearing him speak of was “shameless self promotion.”…

Lessons from a Country Store

It was a simple white frame building, similar in construction to the three houses lined up down the dirt street to the east of it. I walked up the steps onto the wooden porch and was immediately charmed as I entered the old, country, general store. Wood planks made up…

Overflowing Thankfulness

Our perspective on giving thanks should be based on the infinite, not the finite. Why settle for “an attitude of gratitude” when we can overflow with thanksgiving?!?

Tolerance and Forgiveness

Most of the issues that come up in relationships are not about sin in general, or even sin “against you.” Most issues are just differences. So how should we respond?


I am thrilled, ecstatic, and maybe a little happy to say – my “book” is finally a book. Praise the Lord! It has been a thirty year project in some ways. When I originally wrote it, I didn’t touch it as far as editing for 10 or more years. I…